Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective online marketing tool. It is being used from a very a long time to market any company's product/service/offer by email. There are numerous email marketing firms in whole world also a large numbers of freelancers/contractors are working independently on various freelancing platforms in E-Marketing field. Anyone can learn E-Marketing with some basic knowledge about internet and it takes patience, dedication and constant learning to curve a niche in this profession. A few very popular email marketing tools and software providing websites are: Constant Contact, Aweber and Mailchimp.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Independent Consultancy

Independent consultancy is becoming a popular career choice for many who want to take greater control of their future; being your own boss is an attractive proposition and in today’s economy where ‘knowledge is king’ there are many individuals who feel that they can make a very good living by selling their particular knowledge specialism.

Consulting is a viable and growing option, More than half of consulting firms are businesses operated on a sole trader basis. Moving away from a corporate environment, giving up full-time paid employment for an alternative lifestyle will present challenges but with careful thought and planning you can build a successful consulting business. Keys to success lie in having the right personal qualities and skills as well as an understanding of management practices. Consultancy may be defined as ‘ providing independent services to meet clients’ needs in exchange for a fee’. The fee element is important, there are plenty of people willing to take advice but making sure that you get paid for your consulting expertise is key.

Some major benefits of Independent Consultancy:

1. Independence, getting out of corporate life, leaving behind office politics.

2. Job satisfaction – wanting to set up your own business in your in your own way and style .

3. Achievement and success – There is a real sense of achievement attached to running your own successful business but be prepared to deal with the challenges this brings and equip yourself as best as you possibly can to deal with any difficulties.

4.  Money – Starting and running your own consultancy does not guarantee wealth. It can be a very good source of income, but income generation can be erratic so you do need to start off with a financial cushion to ensure that you can pay the bills whilst you start generating consultancy income.
As a consultant you will need an area of expertise – your services will be bought when what you offer is not available internally to a client. Think about what it is that you are selling – clients are busy people so you need to make it quite clear at the outset what it is you can deliver and how it will benefit them. Having an area of expertise may mean that you want to concentrate on a specific discipline or in a specific sector. If you limit yourself to a particular sector then do consider how the impact of any industry downturn might affect your own business.

Some consultants prefer to market themselves as generalists, selling a range of skills/services across the market. A word of warning - clients may be suspicious of someone who purports to be able to solve all their issues. If you feel that you are more likely to succeed as a generalist then I’d advise you to sell your services as an expert in the area that you consider a priority for the client then introduce other generalist skills as assignments develop.


It is advisable to undertake some self-assessment and analysis before embarking on a new consultancy venture. Firstly assess your skills, undertake a self audit exercise - detail your skills (technical, business, leadership, selling, organisational) and attributes; consider how you might apply these in consultancy work. Be honest and objective; ask friends, colleagues and family members their opinion.

Undertake a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. This will help you to get an overview of what is working for and against your consulting business and will also help you to plan your strategy.

Selling yourself:

Consultants need to be able to promote and market themselves. You will be responsible for your own marketing and although it is relatively straightforward to set up as an independent consultant, establishing, sustaining and growing your business requires marketing and promotion. Promoting yourself, persuading people to support you and winning clients is key.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Statistics and Analysis Web Tools

Statistics and Analysis Web Tools:

Keeping track of where your traffic is coming from and how much you are getting can be an integral part of helping you market and optimize your blog. These are a few resources to get you started.

1. StatCounter — StatCounter is a free statistics and analysis tool for keeping track of your blog’s traffic numbers.

2. Site Meter — Site Meter is available in Premium and Basic versions, and can offer more advanced analysis of your site.

3. Alexa — Alexa is a great tool for comparing your blog’s performance to other blogs on the internet.

4. Google Analytics — Google provides a free and full-featured tool for determining where your visitors are coming from and how they use your site.

5. Measure Map — Measure Map is a free tool to track your visitors’ habits.

6. AWStats — AWStats is an open source tool that you can use to track your blog’s statistics.

7. Feedburner — Feedburner provides a wide range of tools to help improve your blog’s RSS feed as well as statistic tracking.
8. MyBlogLog — MyBlogLog is both a community building tool and a simple blog analytics tool.

Some very popular blogging platforms

Blogging Platforms:

The internet is full of sites that can provide a platform for your blog. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, so research carefully before deciding which will work best for you.

1.WordPress — WordPress can either be a hosted platform or one you use on your own server. Basic access to Wordpress is free of charge and there are a wide variety of templates available for customization. It also comes with some attractive features like spam blocking and integrated stats as well as numerous plugins you can add yourself.

2.Blogger — Blogger is a free, hosted blogging platform. While Blogger might lack some of the usability that other platforms have, it makes up for it with features like the Audioblogger service which allows you to create audio recordings for your blog using your phone. Blogger is also useful in that you can upload it to your own website, meaning visitors to your site won’t even know you’re using it as a platform.

3. Movable Type — Movable Type is a powerful blogging tool, but perhaps not the easiest to set up and use. It does, however, offer pretty much every feature you could want.

4. TypePad — TypePad is a more user-friendly version of Movable Type, with many of the same bells and whistles but in a much easier to use format. The functionality of your TypePad blog will likely depend on how much you’re willing to invest.

5.Vox — Vox is a bit of a mix between a social networking site and a weblogging service.

6.Text Pattern — Text Pattern is another self-hosted blogging system. It comes with valuable tools like Textile and Sections which allow users that may not be familiar with html to easily format web content. Textpattern also is great at blocking spam, but it lacks features commonly found on other blogging sites.

7.Boast Machine — A free blog publishing tool, BoastMachine is mostly template driven, but allows for HTML customization. It has some notable security features like IP blocking and banning and has automatic backup and restore systems.

8.Blog.com — For beginners, Blog.com might be a good place to start. With easy-to-use templates and setup, you can begin blogging within a few minutes. This ease doesn’t come without a price, however, as you are limited in the amount of storage and advanced features.

9.B2evolution — B2evolution is one of the most fully-featured blog tools out there to use. Because of this, it can be a bit overwhelming for the new user. While there are a number of themes available, real customization can be difficult without some technical know-how. Still,
the numerous features can make up for some initial difficulties with the learning curve.

10.ExpressionEngine — ExpressionEngine is a blogging tool with some attractive extras. Aside from the usual blogging tools, it provides integrated image galleries and mailing lists. It comes with a variety of templates, but customizing them may prove to have a bit of a learning curve.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Asia's Top Ten Technology Company

Asia is emerging now a days in ICT field and a few companies already curved a niche in Techo field within this region. Below is the list of top 10 technology companies in Asia in 2012.

1. Trecent Holdings:  
Established: 1998            
Country: China          
Employees: 20000

2. Digital China Holdings:

Established: 2001
Country: China
Employee: 12000+

3. Samsung Electronics:

Established: 1969
Country: South Korea
Employee: 23000+

4. Lenovo Group:

Established: 1984 
Country: China
Employees: 27000

5. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Established: 1968
Country: India
Employees: 240000+

6. DIGI.com

Established: 1995
Country: Malaysia
Employees: 2000+

7. NHN

Established: 1998
Contry: South Korea
Employees: 2600+

8. Bharti Airtel

Est: 1995
Country: India
Employee: 20800+

9. HCL Technologies

Est: 1991
Country: India
Employee: 84000+

10. Baidu

Est: 2000
Country: China
Employee: 16000+

Saturday, April 9, 2011

File Format Conversion resources

We all use various types of file format be it audio, text or video for our day to day computer operation. Sometimes we have convert the file type from one type to another.
This can be done by downloading various software (free and paid) from internet and also there are a few websites that give services for online file conversion. Some of the top resourceful sites in this category are given below for file conversion.

1. ZamZar: A good site for online file conversion. it converts file from many format and generally send the email with attachment of the convereted file.

2. Mediaconverter: A very good video converter.

3. Freepdfconvert: Online PDF Converter.

4. Vixy: Online video converter.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cloud Computing

For several years, cloud computing becomes a trend and happening thing in Techno land. We all are using various cloud services though we might not actually know it. The cloud refers to networked computers that instead of using single platform, use distributed cluster and often virtual servers.This is not limited to certain location as it uses various computers from different locations.Cloud also have specialized data centers that hosts hundreds of servers, clustering to a mega or giant data center.

Cloud is very useful for end users in this age of virtual computing. Massive data storage to the cloud is very cheap and often  free and it also comes with strong data security protection. Also clients can share their resources (Audio, Video, Data, Image) with anyone very easily.

Some of the top useful free cloud storage sites are: Amazon Cloud (5 GB Free), Skydrive (Login by windows live account and 25 GB Free), CX.com, Cludo.com etc.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some free open source softwares

Some top useful free open source software downloading sites list are given below:

1. openoffice.org

2. sourceforge.net

3. abisource.com/download

4. pdfforge.org/download

5. videolan.org/vlc

6. audacity-sourceforge.net/download

7. google.com/chrome

8. scribus.net

9. frostwire.net


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Download Accelerating tools and websites

We all download various files from internet. Its very troublesome if the download speed is very poor. There are a few download accelerator is availble to speed up the download process:

1. www.speedbit.com (And download the DAP---Download Accelerator plus)

2. www.orbitdownloader.com


Web Directories

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A small tips for folder Password

We all use password for our folders due to security and privacy reason. Most of the time we use various software for folder pass-wording. You can also use password without any software and the steps are given below:

1. Make the folder compressed as a .ZIP file by right clicking your mouse and then select "SEND TO"
2. Go to that zip file and from file option in menubar select add a password.
3. Re-enter the password again and your particular file is now password protected.
4. If you wanna edit or remove the password, you can select REMOVE PASSWORD option from menubar.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3D Marketplace

2D and 3D animation is very popular now-a-days. It takes real creativity and dedication to create a 3D Model.
But after craeting a 3D model, if you can not show it to the world or can't sell it then it is not properly utilized.

Following are some popular 3D Marketplace from where you can sell your 3D model:

1. 3Dexport

2. flatpyramid

3. turbosquid

4. templates

5. 3Dstudio

Freelancing sites

Online Freelancing is rapidly growing popular now-a-days. Some freelancing sites are paid and offer membership and the members can get various facilities from online bidding to actual work/payment. There are also various sites that are free and offer nice freelancing facilities to its clients.

Below are some popular freelancing sites:

1. freelanceauction

2. project4hire

3. ifreelance

4. freelancer

5. gofreelance

6. eufreelance

7. scriptlance

8. odesk

9. elance

10. rent-a-coder

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Job sites

Internet is one of the major factor now-a-days to search and find a suitable job. along with newspaper add, Job sites are the major player in Job searching marketplace.
Anyone can search/browse various job with a broad category and apply for the suitable job by creating a free account. The online job application system is very easy and hassle free and it is also the fastest way to apply. On the part of the employer, it is also profitable for them. By creating a corporate acount, they can get numerous services with value added features by spending very less amount of money. The database they maintain is very rich and analytical in nature with all the real-time features.

Following are the links of few major job sites around the world:

1. monster

one of the most popular and old job site on web. Very attractive and customer friendly features.

2. careerbuilder.com

3. simplyhired.com

4. seek.com.au

An australian Job portal

5. Naukri

Most popular indian job portal

6. hotjobs.yahoo.com

7. indeed.com

Some middle-eastern Job portal

8. JobsinDubai.com

9. bayt.com

10. careermidest.com

11. gulfjobsites.com

Some Bangladeshi Job Portals:


The most popular job site in Bangladesh.

2. prothom-alojobs.com

3. jobstreet.com

4. chakri.com/bd

5. aiminlife.com

6. jobsbangla.com

7. jobsbangladesh.com

8. deshijobs.com

9. alljobsbd.com

10. jobsdiary.com

11. jobsazz.com

12. jobsbd.com

13. grameenjobs.com

14. telejobsbd.com

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Virtual drive/online file sharing sites

Gone are the days when we used to back up the important files on hard-disk, floppy disk, CD, flash drive etc. Now a days the greatest back-up service comes from internet. There are a few sites who give more than enough (from 1 to 25 GB).

online space to store all the important docs and file sharing facility is also available. The most exciting point is you can use all those feature without spending a cent and if you wish you can upgrade any time and get more additional features.

A few sites are given below with a brief feature that you can use as your virtual drive:

List in a PR6 Web Directory for Free! This site is listed under Consulting Directory

1. 4Shared.com

One of the exciting site on the net as virtual drive. Here you can get 10 GB virtual space free as well as file sharing link. There are also forum and embedded code that you can use elsewhere.

2.  SkyDrive

A mammoth webspace from microsoft live mail. virtual space is 25 GB free for livemail users. exciting file sharing facility and very well customized.

3. Filesanywhere

A great site for file sharing/virtual drive. The most exciting feature is the multimedia function.
After uploading a music file you can straight away listen to the song from your browser and if you send the sharing link to someone they can also do the same thing without actually downloading the song. Very much customized and the interface is exciting.

4. Box.net

A good site for file sharing. very much user friendly.

5. Mediafire

Another good site for file sharing. Multimedia feature is specially notable. 

6. Zoho

This is a complete CRM site which integrates all the features like mail, docs, sharing, report etc. It gives 1 GB free space as docs where you can back up all your documents, multimedia etc. A real worthy sites specially for executives, businesspeople, web experts etc.

A m

Monday, April 12, 2010


Internet is a vast ocean which is abundant in information. A life time is not enough to surf through all the sites and get the nutshell for one's particular enrichment.
Anyone can now learn a trade or know any particular subject by click of a mouse. All one need is to use the tools to search and gather.

This blog is a humble attempt to give a brief information regarding a few sites cater to all aspect of internet and for all strata of net users. We all know some of the sites already even use this already but some we may not know. This is a meeting place of a few important websites that really can benefit one's day to day work/entertainment.